“2005 – Hong Kong – I was waking up each day and checking the pollution index, wondering whether I could run outside; the factories in China were choking us.

At the same time, undetermined building waste was being thrown into the harbour to reclaim the land. Why was innovation doing this to us?”

In the past these were just questions, and an energetic curiosity. Later they became the fuel and ammunition needed to start me on my journey of sustainable innovation. What more did I need?


Working through the lens of sustainable innovation, projects are designed to reduce the impacts of water, waste and carbon across the total textile and apparel process (raw material to end-of-life).  Innovation keeping us all at the sharp point of what we do.


A working relationship between us focuses on product, through strategy, exploration and evaluation, and your enablers (your people) through information, inspiration and facilitation.


A balanced yet varied portfolio working with brands, retailers, a network of global suppliers (raw materials through to garments), non-profit organisations and academia.  Projects range from large to small; for those stepping into this for the first time, or continuing along their path to a deeper level of R&D.

Sophie Mather Sophie Mather