“2005 – Hong Kong – I was waking up each day and checking the pollution index, wondering whether I could run outside. The factories in China were choking us.”

From this point on, in my eyes innovation had to be sustainable.  The more difficult the sustainable challenge, the greater the innovative opportunity.


biov8tion supports businesses working to make sustainable change, through a portfolio of services ranging from Thought Partnerships, Topic 101s, Sustainable Strategy, Working Group Facilitation and Keynote Speaking.


biov8tion becomes your external headspace to focus on pressing sustainable challenges.  Working ahead of issues asking difficult questions, researching emerging topics and engaging across our broad network, we enter into work prepared ready to support your teams.

With complex challenges often customers can’t tell us what they need, so if this is the case we are all ears.  Talk to us and communicate your required outputs and we would be happy to formulate the plan to get there.


We are textile geeks embedded in first-hand industry experience and seek out a network of global ‘doers’ that share our passion to make change.  We work across industries to find solutions in places not previously possible and enter into conversations with open curiosity.

We thrive from the diversity of businesses we work with, whether that is with suppliers where our work empowers manufacturing change, to the brand and retail level where work directly influences product direction.


Sophie Mather Sophie Mather