#DontFeedTheFish: One Year On

August 27, 2018

One Year On September 2nd marks the first year anniversary since #DontFeedTheFish obtained funding through CrowdScience. The year has been innovative, busy, frustrating at times as more questions than answers are uncovered, yet the results have been rewarding.  As the topic of fibre release from textile escalates, our work becomes increasingly important.  As we reflect on […]

Costing the Earth (BBC Radio 4) The Microfibre Detectives

April 5, 2018

Click here to hear the Microfibre Detectives podcast.   In this program of Costing the Earth (The Microfibre Detectives), I speak to Tom Heap about how we are working to understand how we can engineer synthetic polymers to support a reduction in Microfibre shedding.

Microfibres: Reflections from ISPO

February 12, 2018

As I reflect on a busy ISPO, the topic of microfibers and the myriad of potential solutions to this issue, buzz in my head.  Energised by the back to back meetings at the show, I have come away ready to hit the ground running. The level of questioning has moved on in the last year, […]

Indicators for the prevention of microfibre shedding from apparel found through the Don’t Feed the Fish campaign.

November 30, 2017

Microfibres released from clothes during both the manufacturing and the consumer wash and wear stages, have been found to have detrimental effects environmentally.  Initially assumptions from the industry pointed at fleece fabrics as the main contributor, but driven to challenge this deeper within textile engineering, the campaign #DontFeedTheFish was launched in January 2017 to take […]

Would you like your cod and chips battered, or with a side of plastic?

January 6, 2017

Every 1 in 4 fish purchased from fish markets is found to contain plastic debris, and 80% of this debris is made up of microfibers; tiny threads, shed from your clothes and washed into the ocean, where they are ingested by marine life. They contribute 190 million tonnes annually of primary micro plastics found in […]

Microfiber’s and marine pollution

January 6, 2017

“There will be one ton of plastic for every three ton of fish in our ocean by 2025 and by 2050 the total mass (by weight) of plastic in our oceans will overtake that of fish.” (Source: Ellen McArthur Foundation) We know from extrapolated figures, that a large proportion of these plastics are coming from […]

Water 50% off

March 19, 2014

  As I head into town on the bus, store windows scream SALE at me and it gets me thinking.  I believe that one day in the not so distant future we will see a change from images such as this that scream consumerism, to images such as these that remind us to consume consciously. […]

Failure Inspires Future Fashion

December 22, 2013

Failure is no bad thing if it can be embraced to move the industry forwards. Take a look at how just a few of the failures of the clothing industry, have inspired us to make change and innovate for the better.    

Consume Consciously

October 23, 2013

We consume, we dispose……we consume, we dispose……..we consume, we dispose. … FAILURE…..this cycle continues and do we, the consumer think about the impact this is having?   At TEDxBristol I will be sharing some key industry failures and how these have inspired industry change for the better. Come and hear how you can do your […]

World Water Day – Time for Reflection within the Textile Industry

March 21, 2013

World Water Day  (http://www.unwater.org/water-cooperation-2013/home/en/) should give us a prompt to take stock of how we view, use and abuse water in our daily lives.  It doesn’t really matter what industry, product or service we look at, all have a water story to tell, some of which are more visible than others. Within the clothing industry […]

Resource Efficiency Training: Waste, Water & Carbon

February 11, 2013

biov8tion,  Concept+Design and Sustain are collaborating on a project for WRAP (www.wrap.org.uk)  to develop a training package and online knowledge hub for the clothing industry. This forms part of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP), and will inspire UK clothing retailers, their supply chains, and end of life organizations to reduce the environmental footprint of […]

Sustainable Textile Conference: The Evolving World of Bio Synthetics

October 16, 2012

When I first started working in textiles, innovation meant lighter, less noisy, dull and sadly too often cheaper.  Looking back those were incremental changes in comparison to the expectations of change that we see today. The evolving world of bio synthetics In this evolving world of biosynthetics, I see the steepest step up as engagement.  […]

Sustainable Textile Conference: Bio Synthetics – The Big Picture

October 15, 2012

To me innovation has a two-pronged approach. Those that claim their new technologies are ‘ground breaking’ dreamt up and developed from their own ideas. OR A more modest approach looking at ‘newness’ as a reiteration of inspiration gathered from nature, or in others words biomimicry. I camp out in the latter approach and love to […]

Sustainable Textile Conference: Through the lens of water

October 8, 2012

The Hong Kong Sustainable Textile Conference 2012 was located at the convention centre in Wan Chai,  that juts out into the ever-famous HK harbour. I think to one of the key areas of sustainable trend just now; the 360º effect of one action to another environmental effect.  Today we hear stories of deforestation leading this […]

Sustainable Textile Conference: Pre Conference Buzz

October 4, 2012

‘This is a journey it’s not a destination’ Eraina Duffy, Nike With regards to sustainable textiles, our agenda has changed and mind set shifted. As always it was great to touch base with so many familiar friends, but also see the extent to which this forum is growing.  320 attendees from across 32 countries, this […]

Returning to Hong Kong; the roots of my sustainable journey

September 24, 2012

8 years ago I started my sustainability journey.  These last few days I have been thinking a lot about how it started, as I prepare to return to Hong Kong, where I first engaged and kick started this drive. At the time, the pollution in the city stopped me running; the factories were choking us […]

Waste not want not: Inspiration for a closed loop economy

September 7, 2012

‘Waste not want not’ a grandparent saying that was so part of growing up, that was just said and not really thought through for years, but something that is moving full circle and becoming the key to sustainable development today.  Just this week I came across a great tee shirt from Rapanui, with the design […]

biov8tion replaces Sophie Mather Textiles

August 1, 2012

Pronounced bio-vation,  biov8tion captures the core values of Sophie Mather Textiles.  Delivering innovative textile expertise in a personal manner. biov8tion Embracing sustainability at the core. biov8tion 8 symbolizes infinity, where waste equals value within closed loop solutions. biov8tion Innovation as the enabler of change.

Slow Fashion: The story of our jeans

July 25, 2012

Just last week I attended a great DO workshop, led by Christian Payne of Documentally,  ‘Mobile story telling’.   It got me thinking, not only of my own stories but those of others too. The buzz of introductions intensified over coffee as we sat in the garden ready to start.  Maybe my ears tune in more […]

Bio Synthetics – The Future is in our Hands

September 3, 2011

Can I burry my head in the sand and think that bio synthetics will go away? Still too many people look at bio as a trend, when in actual fact it is here to stay, and should be gaining space on all of our agenda’s. Why do we need to sit up and take note […]