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We offer engagement opportunities across the value chain, to support your innovation journey.


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Feasibility Research

We have a curiosity for research that addresses a key sustainability problem and look to engage partners that provide complimentary understanding and expertise to collaborative research.

By identifying risks ahead of emerging trends, we work to build the business case through our science driven research to position the problem for adoption by the industry.  


Our diverse portfolio of leading research and IP development are all underpinned by a commonality in purpose driven  innovation primarily in the textile and clothing sector.  Recent research includes:

  • Fibre Fragmentation from textiles 

  • Biobased Synthetics for the clothing sector

  • Additive Manufacture (3D Printed) of textiles 

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Case Studies

Innovation Mentoring


We enable you to excel as topic pioneers by appraising, challenging and acting as your ‘additional brain space’ whilst you are busy in the day to day. 

As topic trailblazers ourselves, we know first-hand the life of an entrepreneur can be a daunting one.  We draw from our innovation experience, sustainability leadership and extensive network, to ensure you feel supported in meeting your vision. 

We provide you with a personable mentoring package that supports you through structured, scheduled sessions giving you a fresh perspective which enables you to focus on the day to day. 


We have a rich and diverse experience of delivering thought partnerships across the industry including:

  • Global brands & retailers

  • Industry organisations

  • Non-profit businesses

  • Public sector

  • Manufacturing partners

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