The topic of microfibre shedding from clothing has been escalating over the last few years.  Initially associated with synthetic fibres that find their way into marine environments, it is now known to be associated to all fibre types to a varying degree and has been found to affect the environment through land, air and sea.

biov8tion has been heavily engaged in this topic since 2016 working closely with brands, retailers, suppliers, academics, non-profits and MPs. This work has enabled the formation of The Microfibre Consortium through its research, reputation and cross-industry outreach.

As a topic pioneer, specifically concerned with how the re-engineering of textiles can prevent microfibre loss, biov8tion provides industry topic demystification as a thought leader and keynote speaker.



2019 – Strategic Director  / Board Chair

As co-founder of TMC, Sophie Mather takes on the role of Strategic Director / Board Chair to drive the new organisation forwards.


2018 – The Microfibre Consortium is developed into a standalone organisation (TMC)

As the topic complexities grow, media activities intensify and the work of TMC continues to attract new members, TMC develops into a stand-alone non-profit organisation in order to support the necessary work agenda. 

Project Pyramid- FINAL 250319

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  • Visit the website here


2018 – Supplier based research – Understanding colouration processes

Working directly with the supply base to research how different colouration processes can have an impact on Microfibre shedding.

Research findings to be released shortly


2018 – Supplier based research – Understanding rPET

Working directly with the supply base to research how the use of rPET vs Virgin Polyester can have an impact on Microfibre shedding.

Research findings to be released shortly


2018 – Development of the strategy for the Microfibre Consortium*
*Founded by the Outdoor Industry, executing within Outdoor, Sport, Fashion and Home


2017 – Development of a Microfibre Infographic

The creation of a visual infographic to map out the interconnectivity of the Microfibre Challenge across the various production stages.

HRH Image

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2016 – #DontFeedTheFish

Funded through Crowdfunding, research carried out at The University of Leeds studied polyester yarns in lab conditions under various situations to assess breakage behaviour patterns and contributors to microfibre shedding.

Download findings  here

Topic Support

biov8tion provides tailored support across the industry through a tiered portfolio of engagement.

1. Thought partnership

  • For those new to the topic and require a little ‘hand holding’ to get them started

2. Topic 101s

  • A fast introductory approach to get cross-functional teams engaged in the topic
  • A tailored presentation and Q&A, to inspire and inform teams, getting information disseminated across organisations in an efficient manner
  • Case study examples can be found here.

3. Topic Roadmap

  • Supporting your organisation in the development of a tailored roadmap from topic engagement to product solution

4. Cross-Industry Innovation

  • Facilitating cross-functional / industry work to drive innovative solutions

5. The Microfibre Consortium Membership

  • Once you are ready to step into a more collaborative working space, it would be recommended to support your needs through TMC membership.  More information can be found here

Please drop us a note on findoutmore@biov8tion.com to discuss which level of support works best for your organisation.


The Microfibre Consortium

Visit our website here for information about the work of TMC

News and Project Updates

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