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Founded in 2010, biov8tion was set up to offer independent investigation into emerging sustainability issues in the textile industry through the lens of innovation.  Motivated by a drive to use our technical ability to create things in better ways, with less impact on people and our planet, not just make better things. 

biov8tion brings strategy, creativity and technical expertise to projects gained from two decades

of cross industry sustainable innovation experience

in Europe, USA and Asia.

We work with leading global brands, retailers, supply chain partners, public sector, academia and industry associations, bridging the gap between rich academic and manufacturing research and commercial opportunity.



“2005 – Hong Kong – I was waking up each day and checking the pollution index, wondering whether I could run outside. The factories in China were choking us. 


This was my wake up call to sustainable innovation. From this point forwards, I embraced difficult challenges as a blank canvas for innovative opportunities.

Sophie Mather, Material Futurist





Sophie's passion and commitment to sustainability stems from her first-hand experience of living and working on the ground in Asia, experiencing directly the impact of industrial actions. This has led biov8tion to embrace the imperative need, and the opportunity to ensure all textile innovation has a positive environmental and social impact. 

Our Story


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Sophie Mather
Founder and Material Futurist

Sophie brings an extensive knowledge and curiosity of textiles into her work, with her practical experience, underpinned by a BA and MSc in textiles.


Prior to founding biov8tion, Sophie served as Global Director of Advanced Materials for Nike USA. She set up and led Nike Asia Pacific Innovation, managed Asian material sourcing for the Pentland Group and worked as a Material Technologist supplying Marks & Spencer. Alongside biov8tion she is Founder and Managing Director of The Microfibre Consortium. 

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The Team
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