The Futures Hub, working across the industry to inspire, facilitate and disrupt change for a positive future.


sustainable, renewable, green, fair, healthy, conscious, considered

This is what gets us out of bed!

The team at biov8tion are driven to ensure that we don’t need to run around ‘naked’ in order to sustain a healthy and happy planet.

We use the sustainability challenges faced by the textile industry to inspire innovative approaches to change.


(v) 8

limitless, infinite, circular

We are not great fans of lines that stop.

Our ethos is to continually apply a circular mindset to the approaches we take, ensuring what is used in the process of textile and apparel manufacturer, is either designed or engineered to have a home to return to.

When we need reminding, we head into the outside space that we love and watch nature work its magic in a constantly renewable way.


innovation, imagination, inspiration, collaboration, education, solution, direction, frustration…..action

We love the ‘tion’!

A day in the life of the team at the Futures Hub is pretty much summed up between ‘Frustration and Action’ speckled with all the other ‘tion’s’ depending on what we are working on at the time.

'Sophie brings a wealth of knowledge, problem solving and passion to every project she accepts.'

Becky Hurd - Nike

'Without Sophie, you are not prepared for tomorrow’s challenges in the textile industry! She is close to the pulse of innovation or even one step ahead.'

Stefanie Sacherow - Performance Days